Green Envy: What Sacramento Kings fans said - 11/02/17

For the first time in the post-Boogie era, the Sacramento Kings brought their young core to the TD Garden for a regular season match up last night. Unfortunately for them, they were met by a Celtics team that have found a way to gel at a remarkably rapid pace early in the season, considering the summer's reshuffle. Boston finished the night with a fairly routine 113-86 victory, so let's see what some of the more expressive members of the Vivek Ranadive faithful had to say about it, in the shadows of the internet.

No Buddy to love

wow i literally forgot about Buddy. i love that coach benched him to start

Buddy is just thinking too much.....just play dude.

Buddy Hield disgusts me.

Man, Buddy Hield has been paid a visit from the Monstars, who have sucked out any semblance of competence from his body.

Unexpected Boston praise

Brown and Tatum both look good. Glad we didn't have the opportunity to draft them. Just out of curiosity, hows Ben looking this year as a Grizzlie?

Just when you think Kyrie is over dribbling, me makes you believe in Magic and obliterates your defense.

Theis sure looked good tonight, I never heard of him before. Looks like he was drafted in 2013 & played in Germany for awhile before coming over.

General negativity

We are getting open shots but not making all of them.....I blame Joerger

We need Skal in for Zach though.. I understand Joerger’s issue with the thin towers on the boards and defensively, but man.

George Hill just doesn't fit with this team. maybe it's the high post thing or the fact that we dont run enough off ball screens to get him open, I dont know.

lmao yeah i think people are underestimating joeger. we are tanking pure and simple. this guy has the respect of the vets and by extension the rookies. keeping him is good for the culture. be more patient with him. i also dont want to go on the coaching carousel again. the risk is just too high.

I've got a bad case of the "Koufos Cringes" again.

Lordy.....our guys are just babes playing against men

Two threes for al ****ing Horfords broken jumpshot? Jesus Christ.

Man our bench is thinner than Kosta's mop.

The ball going into the basket is a nice change.

take WCS out already. just trash. good luck being the next Hakeem

Team is unwatchable... just...

Man, and I thought the team last year was bad

I hate baseball, but now it’s on.

Wide open shots....they are getting wide open shots.

Hate to say it but no one looks good......if you think someone does you're delusional

I know this is a rebuild but damn, this a bad product. Basketball is suppose to be entertainment. Are you guys entertained?

Wouldn't wish this job on any coach.

Please don't blame our horrible players on Joerger. This is not his fault. It's actually far from it.

So...outrebounded 52-26? A 2:1 ratio? That's legitimately awful.

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