Green Envy: What Pacers fans said 11/25

The Boston Celtics pulled out another victory last night, beating the Indiana Pacers 108-98. The game went-down in a way that won't surprise many Celtics' fans: trailing after the first half, and then scoring in spades in the second. After trailing 54-45, the Cs outscored the Pacers 37-16 in the third quarter, and then rolled to the ten point victory. 

Al Horford stepped-it-up with Jaylen Brown missing the game due to personal reasons, and finished with 21 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. Kyrie Irving did what Kyrie Irving does, and put-up 25 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. And for the second time all season, Marcus Smart shot over 40%! He scored 15 points on 7-of-8 shooting. 

Pacers fans were pretty boring before, during, and after the game. They were expecting an L, and when that loss eventually came, they stayed optimistic. They're all just happy to be in the place that they're in: unexpectedly winning more than losing (11-8 before the game), after trading Paul George during the offseason. Honestly, these Pacers fans seemed like charming people. 


It seems Celtics are just the scrappiest team in the league.

They just showed Kyrie giving away his shoes to a family where the son was wearing Hickory gear. It is really hard to hate that guy.

Tough loss but at least we didn't get blown out! -nice attitude! sportsmanship! 


This could get ugly if we don't bring our A game offensively. Both teams on the second night of a back-to-back.

I think the Pacers are probably due for a loss here and honestly, I'm glad its against Boston instead of a team like the Nets or something.

Victor has been playing at an all-star level, and that's not a biased exaggeration. I'd be quite shocked if this was a close game.

First Half

I love Lance hustle even he looks like meme.

Man, I'm smiling like a kid watching my Pacers play these last few games

What an awesome first half. I'm so proud of this team.

Nothing but roses. Pacers simply played much better. 

Second Half

Fuck 3rd quarters

Deck stacked against this game, but there's still a chance. It's slim, though.

24 minutes are not enough. 48 minutes are needed to play with their heads in the right places.

Myles needs to quit doing that thing where he awkwardly dribbles towards the basket and hope something happens.

[Third quarters] seem to make or break us this year.


Smart-Rozier combined for 14/17 shooting. Smart shot 26%, Rozier 36% before the game. Welp, on to the next one.

I'm still proud as heck of this team.

Third quarter... Guys thought that they have this game already, became timid, bad shot selections, bad TOs, couldn't guard Horford. It's like kids, who thought that snake was dead until it bit them back. Lesson to learn - good teams are good for the reason. 

Happy with the fight. Fine with the loss. 

Obviously disappointed with that second half, but it was always going to be tough without Vic.

Horrible 3rd quarter but overall not a bad effort. 

Fck the Celtics we will beat them February 9th in Boston!

Tomorrow night, the Celtics will take on the Detroit Pistons in Avery Bradley's return to Boston. Should be a doozie! 

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