Green Envy: What Mavs Fans Said, 11/20

Once again the Celtics found themselves in a hole and managed to climb out of it for another amazing comeback win against the Dallas Mavericks, 110-102 in OT. Kyrie Irving put on a show with 47 points and Mavs fans, god bless them, really thought they had this win in the 4th quarter, and then the heartbreak struck. Let's take a look at their night:

Top Three:

1. Man, if I were a Celtics fan, I'd be so up and down with Smart, guy shoots worse than Lonzo Ball but makes all the tough plays

2. So i guess Aron Baynes just loves hitting people and gets away with all the calls huh

3. Wonder if the Celtics would give us Stevens for a klondike bar?

Best of the Rest:

Really have a good feeling about us breaking their streak tonight

Ughhh stuck on the Celtics stream with Scalabrine, he sucks

JJ just got crossed up so bad, he needs to stay down

Dennis might turn into the next John wall or Kyrie

Are we actually gonna be the ones to break their streak? That's it, we're a lock for the championship now

Shane Larkin can't lock up a high schooler

Wow, tatum is longer than I thought, shit we should have traded up for him

Barnes is having his best game of his career, which is kind of sad but cool too

Jaylen Brown seems like a more all around better version of Crowder, plus athleticism

Nice to hear that half our arena is filled with Celtics fans....

We're tied last minute with the best team in the NBA with a trash roster like ours, this is amazing

Now that it's OT, i know for sure we're going to lose because we had our chance, no way we win now

Omg what Kyrie is doing to our defense is nothing short of a work of art

This is what happens when you rely on Yogi Ferrell to defend the best PG in the NBA

Well.... at least it was an entertaining loss, best way to tank I suppose

They can thank those lucky 3s by Smart

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