Green Envy: What Hornets fans said - 11/10/17

Down 18 points with their top three players out? Not a problem for this Boston Celtics team that just refuses to lose. The C's ripped off their 11th straight victory after losing Kyrie Irving just minutes into the opening quarter. They were without Al Horford for the 2nd straight game and shot a combined 35% from the field, and yet somehow Sugar Shane Larkin did his best Uncle Drew impersonation down the stretch and rallied the C's to a W after being down 18 points in the 2nd half. Hornets fans, needless to say, did not handle the collapse very well.

Top Three:

Meet me on top of the Spectrum center at 11 ready to jump if this game ends the way im expecting it to

Darkness looms me , that darkness is the Charlotte Hornets professional basketball franchise

I've watched us lose so many games like this that I don't even feel anything any more

Full Slate:

Not a Smart move by Marcus

Marcus gunna get his ass whooped by some shoulders ...

Fuck the r/nba thread, full of a bunch of bostonian delusional twats. I'm here with you now
Find your safe space!

Has Dwighty Mouse ever been floated for a nickname for howard?
Swing and a miss.

Boston fans are the worst.

Frank "Steph Curry" Kaminsky

Well is it newsworthy to beat a team missing 3 of its best players

No matter the outcome of this game, the headline will be the kyrie injury


Dwight's bobblehead should be bobble-shoulders

Lamb got that 💩 with him tonight

Dwight is a 56% career free throw shooter. That's not good. But this is just embarrassing.
Let Andre "Ray Allen" Drummond teach him

Why does frank always honey dick us

I kind of felt bad for the celtics and then i remembered. Fuck the celtics.

I swear if this team blows this lead im gonna.. be upset for a day but come back and watch them the next game because they are my favorite team and I will support them no matter what
Cmon man there are children in here

Dwayne "Wade" Bacon

I like Bacon

I would hope the Hornets bench is outscoring Boston's. Right now, the Celtics bench is basically the Maine Red Claws.

Hornets are playing one of the worst halves of basketball I've seen from any team this season.

The Comeback/Collapse:

Oh no

If you were wondering how many points the hornets can score in the 4th without kemba, the answer is 1. One.


Buhbye lead. It's a Hornets game now. Boston is crippled and scored like 12 pts in the first quarter and here we are

We're going full panthers

For the love of god we cant blow another double digit 4th quarter lead.


Sweet. Tuned in just in time to watch the Celtics score like 10 straight. Ugh.

I actually want to rip every single one of my hairs out.

How do they just turn into the talentless Monstars in the 4th quarter?

Are we even surprised at this point???

How much does a bucket cost? maybe we could all pitch in and help buy one for a sad group of bugs.

Someone make this stop.. please.. someone..

I have a box of hornets gear I just got that will be going back if we lose this. I'll even pay the shipping

We have 3 points this entire quarter... lmfao

5 points in nine minutes of basketball. End me.

This is the worst quarter of basketball I have ever watched in my entire life hands down.

Fucking relegate us to the G-League

This feels like a nightmare, everything is going wrong

oh god we're gonna have a single digit quarter.

Well, Kemba is trying his best to salvage this shambles. Please let me have to swallow the sarcastic comment I was going to make about Dwight checking back in.

That shot physically hurt me

Bad off balance shot by the celtics? Wasnt even disapointed bc I knew that bs was going in fron the start

What a Hornets way to end the game.

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