Green Envy: What Hawks fans said - 11/18

The Boston Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks 110-99, making it their 15th straight victory. This W will make it the fifth longest winning streak in team history. Kyrie Irving played incredibly, finishing with 30 points on 10-of-12 from the field and 5-of-6 from behind the arc. Jaylen Brown finished with a career high 27 points. The streak goes on. 

Although the Hawks had the worst record in the Eastern Conference prior to this game at 3-12, their fans had pretty positive outlooks about the matchup. Better luck next time. Go Celtics. 

Top Three

The tank is operating at damn near peak performance

Oh well back to piling up losses, back to football. - *cough 28-3

I do like smart for us next year but that's 9 months off - leave him be! he's ours!

Early Optimism

That streak ends in Atlanta. Book it.

I think the Celtics are going down too.

Wouldn't it be something if we're the ones to end this winning streak. Tbh I'd like to, I don't want them getting to our 19 game mark from a few years ago.

Hawks take this one! I mean we just take it from them. This is our home. They can't just come in here and get 2 wins in a week. 

Hawks 111
Celts 103

It's time to take it to the Smeltics tonight. I honestly don't understand how they are winning all these games...

Jaylen Brown is a developing star and Kyrie is their guy...but outside of that they have a bunch of role players in Marcus Morris, Alicia Horbag and Smart.

The cheaters from the Bay Area wore them out the other night...I expect Boston to be on fumes.

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Our D is insaaaaaneee...covering them like a blanket. Stay humble stay hungry

@ATLHawks shut these Celtics fans up

change the f*cking lineup and call a timeout!

Coach completely fucked up the flow of the game tonight with bad subs at the wrong time.

Good effort but please lose for bagley

Hawks have some great future pieces with Collins, Schroder and Prince. I hope Coach Bud stays for the rebuilding process.

We are doing exactly what the GM said and being competitive. Being competitive isn't getting us W's

Boy you lucky we took it easy on y’all after the first

I guess that's it, nice tease.

Marcus Smart

@nba you need to fine marcus smart for flopping. Dude is pathetic.

Marcus Smart should get an Oscar nomination... Strange how a guy with that frame falls like a little girl

Man does Smart flop on every pick

Breaking Hearts

Hoping the @atlhawks knock off these celtics! I'm @ Philips Arena

Come on @ATLHawks hawks i just started my vacation and i want to be happy

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