Will LeBron James miss tomorrow's season opener against the Celtics?

Let me make this loud and clear: LeBron James will be playing in tomorrow's season opener against the Boston Celtics. The Cleveland Cavaliers have mentioned that he's questionable to play because of a sprained ankle, and quite frankly, they're wasting all of our time. They're wasting my time because I'm writing this post, and they're wasting your time because you're reading it. I repeat: LeBron will be suited up tomorrow. That's a certainty. No speculation is needed, and J.R. Smith can back me up on that.

James has been dealing with this pesky ankle for a few weeks now, but he practiced a bit yesterday with the team.
LeBron missing practice doesn't make me bat an eyelash. It's practice! We talking about practice!? Practice!? LeBron could never practice again and he'd still be one of the greatest players on the planet. All that the guy has to worry about is his health, so he could spend every practice for the remainder of his career getting massages and drinking fruit smoothies, and it'd probably be more beneficial for him than actually participating in drills. Of course, this strategy would hurt the Cavs as a team, but it'd probably extend LeBron's shelf life, and I'm sure he'd continue to play at an elite level.

And there's your hot take of the day, folks!

We all know that tomorrow's game is high-stakes, and will be the start of a rivalry that we'll be seeing for years to come. LeBron wouldn't miss it. Heck, I bet Isaiah Thomas is even nagging his medical staff to let him suit up. It'll be a great game to watch, and will be a trying first contest for our new Celtics squad.

But then again, if LeBron doesn't play, then it's an easy W for the Celts. I'll take it.

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