Video: Jaylen Brown's "culture" comments & Kyrie throwing shade on his hat?

Recently, Jaylen Brown had some words about the shake-up of a team who defined themselves by a culture that may no longer exist after only returning four players from last season.

The folks over at ESPN's The Jump take a look at what he had to say, as well as give his words a little context before taking a moment to analyze whether teammate Kyrie Irving was throwing some low-key shade at former teammate LeBron James with a recent choice of ball cap. A well-deserved dig? The aftereffects of a crazy summer making us over-analyze everything?

I tend towards the former with the hat, but let's hope Brown sees nothing much has changed in terms of chemistry. If Boston's going to hang on to the grit that kept them in the win column more than perhaps they should have last season, he'll be a key part of the reason why.

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Image, video: ESPN
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