Stevens: "I feel like I took a new job"

A near-total roster overhaul can leave a basketball coach feeling like he's starting from scratch, and following the Celtics' massive shake-up, after which only four players from 2016-17's squad will return this season, coach Brad Stevens is echoing that sentiment. According to ESPN staff writer Chris Forsberg, Stevens had this to say on his team's unfamiliar roster:

In a lot of ways I feel like I took a new job ... I'm looking at our stats and talking to our team about how we want to improve, well, 10 of the guys are going to be looking at me like, ‘I wasn't here last year.' 

Despite having coached only four years of professional basketball, Stevens is widely regarded as one of the brightest shot-callers in the league, and is lauded for his unique ability to maximize his players' strengths. Look for Stevens to put this skill to work as he and Boston's many newcomers grow accustomed to one another.

Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann, Getty Images
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