Kyrie calls Boston a "real, live sports city," sparks reaction

Ever since The Charlotte Observer published Kyrie Irving's comments referring to Boston as a "real, live sports city," numerous debates among fans and reactions from around the league have ensued. Irving's comments seemed more about expressing his excitement over playing in Boston than insulting the city of Cleveland or his former team, but that didn't stop Cleveland die-hards from taking it personally.

New Cavalier Dwyane Wade spoke from experience as he offered a more reasonable perspective when questioned by ESPN's Dave McMenamin on the topic, saying:

I've always tried not to be too, me personally, oversensitive to what I read or what somebody says because I wasn't there when they said it. Because you just don't know. Boston is a big sports town. It has the history there. And I think that's one thing, if you want to read the quote, they have an amazing amount of sports history and all the championships from football to baseball to all four sports.

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue also gave his take on the topic, telling McMenamin that he doesn't know weather Irving intended to take a jab at Cleveland, and that Irving "can do what he wants to. But we know in Cleveland, we have a great sports town in Cleveland."

The part of the story that many have missed is the high praise Irving had for the city of Cleveland the following day, in which he expressed his pride for his place in Cavs history, and referred to the city of Cleveland as "unbelievable."

Many feel that Irving needs to stop taking "jabs" at Cleveland and the Cavs franchise, but that may be a challenging task when the 25-year-old superstar is relentlessly grilled on the topic by reporters and many are so quick to jump to conclusions and take offense to his responses.

Amidst all the chaos, there is one thing we know for certain: opening night will be interesting.

Photo credit: ESPN
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