Green Envy: What Spurs fans said - 10/30

The Celtics picked up a great win over the Spurs on Monday night, and you know what that means! It's time to celebrate Boston's fifth straight victory with a Green Envy. Here's what San Antonio fans were saying through the game:

Top Three

Traffic cone defense by Pau

Pau, Rudy, Mills, Paul, Forbes….DEATH LINE UP!
For which team?

I just tuned in. We’re not down double digits. What is happening?
the upside down

-Shout out to this Stranger Things reference! I totally didn't watch the whole new season in two sittings over this weekend...

Pau Gasol Frustration

Holy sh*t, does Pau ever box out?

One thing that would be cool is if the 7 ft tall player on the Spurs tried to get rebounds.

They are DESTROYING Pau in the PnR.

Please don’t let Pau back in the game now that we have a lead

ok, it’s really depressing here. i am going to go read my favorite Pau Gasol book

Kyrie Irving's...defense?

i hate kyrie

wtf, defense by Kyrie?

Kyrie trying so damn hard on D tonight.

Murray making Kyrie look like a 1st team all defender

Full Slate

We’re beating them up on the boards, I like to see this. -You guys got outrebounded by 14, fam. Weird.

Anderson’s matrix time bending seems to have no effect on these green men. Kyrie Irving is pretty good at basketball.

Kyle Anderson: still not a wing.

Staring at panic button. Should I push it?
Don’t you dare.
Are you authorized?
Where did I put that panic button……

People in the stadium shouting "3 seconds" for 2 full seconds. LMA doesn’t move out of the paint.

I think people who were on the Titanic think our ship is sinking!!

I’m just here to overreact

Just tank the rest of the season and hope for the next Timmy in the draft. -Ummm, someone needs to remind this guy what franchise this is.

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