Green Envy: Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics 10/26

We were hoping to have a Green Envy with the Milwaukee Bucks' name on it on the books already, but we'll settle for a revenge win version in its place.

It might still be early, but after seeing the results of how Boston played in this game compared the last, a lot of us are feeling considerably more confidant about this team's potential even without Gordon Hayward. You can't really blame Bucks fans for expecting a win after how the Celts played last time around, but you can rub it in and enjoy a little schadenfreude at their expense. So, with that said, let's get to doing just that.


We got this one.
I have not been impressed by Boston at all. Kyrie is the guy we thought he was so let us get this W. I say Bucks 112 Cetls 106. Giannis goes for a triple double 28-12-12

Liggins is a defensive godsend
I don’t really care about his offensive liabilities, because he provides this team with the strenuous defense that plays immediately on this team that is somehow lacking in acumen.

Monroe!! 6th Man

This team.
Is awesome.


Thon has to attempt these open looks
Every play cant be Middleton isos

Middlton is cold

One thing Jabari has over Khris is ability to finish at the rim
Could be that its part of his overall cold start but I feel there are quite a few close shots Jabari would have gotten that Middleton hasn’t

If Teletovic isn’t going to hit open threes then what’s the point haha

Watching on TNT and there’s no way that Snell’s 2nd foul was even a FOUL AT ALL, let alone a flagrant 1. How this even happened is beyond my comprehension.

Baynes just got killed.
Wanna call a Flagrant on that?

Does Telly ever square up his shot before launching it?
Seems like he doesn’t even look at the basket or set his feet before shooting it

I swear every pass back to the top has been picked off this game
Seriously every single one

Not a professional in optical analytics
But both teams seem higher in turnovers then they should be at this point. I have to admit I feel this bright ass yellow floor is a cause of that. Just saying.

I’m still feeling that missed dunk by Giannis.

Who's idea was it
To let Mirza guard Horford?

Not every fast break shot is a good shot guys

This sucks


They are throwing the game to cover the "unlucky Celtics" story that they so desperately desire. Sorry for being a conspiracy theorist, but how many free throws have they shot in comparison to us? That’s the telling tale of ref bias, in my opinion, and I am watching with 3 minutes left in the 1st half as I post this.

I'm entering super-saiyan mode with my rage here.
I don’t want to believe that the NBA or refs intentionally throw games anymore, but…

It’d be nice if the Bucks had someone who could hit a shot

This is a horrible five on the floor right now

Horford with back 2 back 3s
from the same corner

We need Thon to be more like Horford, like knock down his wide open threes

Omg theirs so many bricks in this game you’d think the three little pigs was moving in.


Fuck this soft ass league

Dellevadova is terrible

I wonder what we could do with Stevens as head coach. I mean he makes Rozier and Smart look waaaaaayyy better than their talent level should be

Is probably still top 3 in east. There will be easier games in the future.

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