Gordon Hayward injury not season-ending?

Most Celtics fans had their 4th of July celebrations ruined, opting to spend the day refreshing Woj's Twitter page for Gordon Hayward free agency updates instead of scarfing down hot dogs and watching fireworks. 

Then, Gordon Hayward was a Celtic. No sooner did Gordon don the green-and-white did we have visions of him and Kyrie Irving doing the league dirty.

Then, in less than six minutes of playing time, Gordon Hayward suffered a cringe-worthy ankle injury after falling and severely rolling and fracturing his ankle while coming down from a failed alley-oop attempt.

Time stopped. Jaws dropped -- and so too did the knee of so many players on both sides, entwining minds and hearts in prayer for their fallen comrade.

I'm sure most fans (me included) immediately thought Hayward's season was over even before he really broke a sweat. But according to Dr. Chris Chihlas of the Southcoast Health Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine facility in Swansea, MA., in a conversation with Celtics' play-by-play man Mike Gorman, Hayward's season may not be over.
I'm no doctor, but if a foot expert says it's not as bad as we think, then that's what I'm going with. Prayers up @gordonhayward. Get well soon.

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Photo Credits: Sports Illustrated;NBC Sports