Celts focused on rebounding & it's working

The Celtics rebounding has really taken off. It seems to be a priority, and it's working. Last season Boston's 42.0 RPG was tied with Indiana at 26th. This season, after five games, the Celts are 10th with 46.0 RPG. Here are the leaders:

Al Horford: 8.8
Jaylson Tatum: 6.6
Jaylen Brown: 6.4
Terry Rozier: 6.0
Marcus Smart: 5.7
Aron Baynes: 5.2 in 19.0 minutes per game
Kyrie Irving: 4.0
Daniel Theis: 3.8 in 13.8 MPG

The boards are very well distributed. Al's average of 8.8 stands out, as do Terry's 6.6 RPG. Both Theis and Baynes are averaging more than one rebound for each four minutes on the court, a very good rate.

This season the rebounding leader is Portland at 51.4 RPG. Last season, the leader was Oklahoma City at 46.6 RPG. After the fatigue produced by a full season, a lot of these averages should decline this year. The Celtics present 46.0 RPG could very well end up near the top of the ratings, assuming they can hold that line, or even improve it.

Photo via Matt Stone/Boston Herald
Stats via ESPN