Wax museum doesn't seem to know what Paul Pierce looks like

The recently opened "Dreamland" Wax Museum located within the Government Center area in downtown Boston has constructed a wax figure in honor of Beantown legend Paul Pierce. But many have found it's representation of the Celtics great to be a little... off.

After viewing the Pierce figure, I assumed it could've just been an isolated incident, yet there was more. Hall of Famer Larry Bird was also the recipient of a wax figure, and that too was subject to some criticism.

Okay, so maybe the sculptor of the Bird and Pierce figures isn't all that familiar with the Celtics. But the odd interpretations of Boston sports legends didn't start with those two. Back in late July, that same Dreamland Wax Museum constructed a borderline frightening figure of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

All things considered, this particular museum may want to broach the idea of making some new hires.

Photo Credit: Brian Babineau
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