Oklahoma City Thunder acquire Carmelo Anthony

Shams Charania
The New York Knicks have reached agreement on a trade to send All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder, league sources told The Vertical.

The Thunder will send center Enes Kanter, forward Doug McDermott and a 2018 second-round draft pick from the Chicago Bulls to the Knicks, league sources told The Vertical. A trade call is planned for Monday, with Anthony expected to waive his no-trade clause, league sources said.

Whatever your opinion is of Carmelo Anthony, he's much better than the garbage package the Knicks just traded him for. Sam Presti this summer a year after his team was crippled when they Kevin Durant walked, has now traded for both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony and given up essentially nothing in the process.

We will have to see how Anthony meshes with Westbrook and George, but expect to see Carmelo give his Olympic effort for his new team. Still can't get over how Presti turned bad contracts and ZERO 1st rounders into a couple all-stars, while the Celtics had to trade the Nets pick AND Isaiah Thomas (and Crowder and another 1st in Zizic) to get one. I guess a tip of the cap to Cleveland for actually sticking to their guns and not just giving away their all-star (talking to you Sacramento and Chicago as well).

Warriors vs. Thunder games should be must watch basketball this season.