Kyrie Irving calls Jayson Tatum a "baaaaaad dude"

Jayson Tatum was impressive during his one and only year as a Duke Blue Devil.

Slated to fall somewhere between 3rd and 5th in this year's NBA draft, genius GM Danny Ainge traded down with the Philadelphia 76ers, then promptly drafted Tatum.

Fast-forward a few and Jayson Tatum is in his first Summer League game. Down one with under twenty seconds to go, Coach Walter McCarty called Tatum's number. With the confidence of a vet, Tatum calmly dribbled the clock out, calmly showing his clutch genes, knocking down the game-winner.
  Needless to say, Tatum has a lot of poise for a rookie. Critics are already calling his footwork elite. While Tatum, along with every other player, has his share of critics, he has even more fans. One of those fans is Celtics superstar Kyrie Irving, who had a few choice words regarding his new teammate and fellow Duke-y.
That's high praise. Only time will tell if Kyrie is right, although something tells me he is.

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Photo Credit: Chris Forsberg