Jaylen Brown jokes about the shape of the Earth, and looks forward to the upcoming season

Who knew we'd hear this much about whether the planet Earth is round or not? In the world of basketball, you expect to hear about matchups, acquisitions, stats, etc. but instead we're getting way too much of this planet-shape talk! Fortunately/unfortunately, Jaylen Brown chimed in, but also included some other insight into the upcoming season and the wild ride the past few months have been.

Part of that insanity is what brought the flat-Earther himself, Kyrie Irving, to Boston. Now, the impressionable, young Jaylen gave his opinion on the matter:

If you watch the video, you can see Brown was laughing about it and said he's interested in having that conversation with Kyrie and he's "not yet ready to make [his] comment on that."

As far as basketball goes Brown is one of the four remaining Celtics from last season's team. He's been talking to one of those other players, Al Horford, about the unprecedented roster overhaul that the C's have undergone this summer and emphasized how Boston added great guys, but also had to lose great guys too, like Jae Crowder and Avery Bradley, among others.

He also talked about how he thinks the roster turnover will affect the Celtics, via Jay King of MassLive:

"It's going to take some time to jell, to get the offense flowing right, to get the kinks out," Brown said. "And that's OK. We were talking about it with the kids today here from the Boston public schools. One of the words was perseverance. And that's something we're going to have to show this year. Because we're going to need it."

Brown added that he can't wait for the season to start, and he thinks that the Celtics will have a "great, great year," but as fans we won't know how far this team needs to go before they're officially "gelled" until the season tips off in mid-October.

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