Isaiah Thomas will miss opener vs Celtics, could miss extended time

Isaiah Thomas, it's safe to say, was a fan favorite. From battling Goliaths on a nightly basis, to gutting out a performance right after the tragic death of his sister, to dropping 53 in a playoff win against the Washington Wizards, IT gave his heart and soul to the team.

And now he's a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. It still feels weird to say that. It looks even more weird seeing him in Cavs warmup gear, snapping about "The Land."

Many were upset about trading IT, but after Chris Mannix's report today, I think there may be some comfort in it, as shrewd of a thought as that may be.
"Hopeful" to return by January? That means IT could miss half the season. If he was still a Celtic (forgive me for being Capt. Obvious here) that would be a huge problem.

Yes, we added Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum, but IT was, as I said, the heart and soul of this team and having him out for half the season (along with the loss of Avery Bradley) would undoubtedly put more Ls in the standings than we as fans would want.

Also in a contract year, it's safe to say it would be hard to back up the Brinks truck (to the tune of approx $35M/year) for a player with a questionable hip. No matter how much we love him.

Per the NBA schedule, the Cavs come to the Garden on January 3rd. Can IT be back in time for that game? According to the Cleveland Cavaliers, he's successfully completing his rehab. Personally, I hope he does play in that game. And I hope he has a hell of a game, in a loss of course. 

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Photo Credit: NBA TV