Hayward compliments Celtics fans and gets Jazzed by Utah followers

It is so great to have you both here in Boston

Here we go! There is always at least a little negative with the positive. The Celtics press conference featuring our two new Celts, Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving, is a great boost for Boston sports fans. Hayward's comments about the "pretty educated sports fans here" and the fact that "they know a little bit more" was flattering to the Boston fan base. And more, the statements were appropriate and absolutely correct.

Does anyone think for a moment that if Paul Pierce had decided to leave in free agency for Utah that Boston fans would not have been upset? Of course they would have been miffed. And Paul certainly would have praised his new team and fans, hopefully without trying to be totally politically correct. If any group of fans love a departing player who also happens to be a star, they will vent their anger in some fashion. And frankly, Utah fans are still upset about his departure alone, and they look for any reason to vent. Totally normal. But reacting to his press conference statements is a reach.

It is a well-known fact around the league that Boston fans are not simply casual followers of the game. They love their teams, and they show it. They know the game. Let's hear from a Salt Lake Tribune reporter. Tony Jones of sltrib.com gave this analysis of the Hayward quote and fan reaction:

One should give Hayward, who played for the Jazz for seven seasons before he departed as a free agent this summer, the benefit of the doubt. He’s always spoken highly of Utah fans, and has always had a good relationship with them, well, until his messy free agency exit. And Hayward’s comment contains significant truth. Celtics fans are historically among the most knowledgeable in the NBA.

Nice to hear that, isn't it. The Utah fan base loved Gordon Hayward and are sad and bitter about his departure. But it may be time to get over it and stop the venting. Gordon, you said nothing inappropriate, and we are thrilled to have you here. The cheers from your followers in Boston will drown out the negativity from out west.

Photo credit: Omar Rawlings