Former Celtics unite? Kendrick Perkins appears at Cavaliers mini-camp

It's looking like Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder won't be the only big name former Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers training camp.

Kendrick Perkins, still just 32, reportedly was invited to Cavaliers training camp and has been working out with LeBron James and the squad in California.

Here's the 2008 NBA champion with rest of the Cavs roster out in Santa Barbara. IT is in the middle and Crowder is on the right (You can also spot Ante Zizic and Jeff Green, who was traded for Perkins six years ago):

Perk was out of the league last season after playing 37 games for the New Orleans Pelicans in 2015-16. He was briefly on the Cavaliers, playing only 17 games and more playing the role of enforcer...

No one should forget his laying out of Crowder in the 2015 Eastern Conference quarterfinals.

Crowder is his teammate for the moment. Like with Crowder and J.R. Smith, they'll likely leave their past in the past.

Perkins is unlikely to actually break camp with the Cavaliers. Although he appears to be in solid shape despite the year off, the team already has 15 players with guaranteed contracts. James and Kevin Durant, among many others, swear by Perkins as a glue guy who holds a locker room together, so he'd certainly make sense for a team that needs a veteran presence.

If he doesn't find a team this year, he may still find himself at a Cavs-Celtics game this year after all, considering Paul Pierce's jersey retirement on Feb. 11. Until then, hopefully the big man finds a basketball home, even if it's helping the rival Cavaliers.

Photo: @Cavs via Richard Jefferson

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