Celtics finally have a new big three

For the first time since Ray Allen signed with the Miami Heat on July 11th, 2012, the Boston Celtics have a trio of legitimate stars on their roster. 2016 free-agent signee Al Horford had the opportunity to spend some time with all-star newcomers Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving for today's media day, and it didn't seem to take long for the three to get acquainted.

The Irving-Hayward duo gives Boston two 20+ points per game scorers in it's lineup, and Horford is known for his diverse "beyond the box score" contributions on both ends of the floor. Having an incredibly unselfish player of Horford's caliber who has proven to be far more concerned with helping his team win games than personal accolades, as is shown by his average of 5.0 assists per game during the 2016-17 regular season, can only increase the impact of the team's elite scorers. It's even possible all three players could see their numbers increase; Irving finally gets to run the offense on an elite team, Hayward has escaped the slow pace of the Utah Jazz offense and is no longer the lone scoring threat, and Horford is now surrounded by two bona-fide stars.

Irving and Hayward already had an opportunity to get together at their introductory press conference on September first, but it shouldn't be too hard for the three to get accustomed to each other, considering Horford's remarkable ability to adapt.

There's a new big three in town.

Photo credit: @nba (Instagram)
Bottom photo credit: Omar Rowlings, Getty Images
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