When it comes to Great Expectations, Jaylen Brown is the new Dickens

For some, Jaylen Brown might just be another professional basketball player, but for others, he is the future of the NBA both on and off the court. For Jaylen, it's the later of the two, and this holds true as he channels his inner Isaiah Thomas while in Africa, quoting something Isaiah says quite frequently.

If when I die I'm just known as a good b-ball player, then I didn't do my job. - Jaylen Brown

Brown has spent the week in Africa teaching children both the game of basketball and lessons of life. As a professional athlete, using basketball as a platform to make a positive impact on the community is something very important to Jaylen Brown. I'm sure this is only the beginning, as Jaylen holds very high expectations of himself both on and off the court. One of the ways he works to achieve them is through setting goals. In Brown's FCHWPO Episode 1: Pawn to E4 on his YouTube channel he talks about goals briefly.

Goals aren't acquired in one day, it's acquired in a compilation of days, it's just added up where you keep working on them. - Jaylen Brown

Since Jaylen Brown has come to Boston, making an impact off the court has been of great importance. Shortly after his introduction and press conference the first thing he did was get on a bus and drive to Roxbury, Massachusetts where he held a basketball clinic for 150 kids. The influence he has through the game of basketball makes him want to behave a certain way and be a great role model. This is apparent by the reports of smiles from ear to ear after spending time with the children in Africa.

Don't let all the community work fool you though, Jaylen has lofty goals to become an elite player and a leader on the court as well. He has been putting in the work all summer and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. If you watch Hone The Pressure, It Makes Diamonds: Episode 2 on his YouTube channel you will see what I mean, as it documents the hard work Brown is putting in to get to the next level as a professional basketball player.

So whether it's in the gym, at the practice facility, on the court, or in the community, one thing is for certain; Jaylen Brown is working to achieve an even bigger goal then he's previously achieved and he's not going to stop until he does. This type of work ethic is the same caliber as some of the greatest athletes across all sports and there's no limit on what can be accomplished, and this is something we know for a fact in Boston, just ask Kevin Garnett.

Anything is possible! - Kevin Garnett


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