Video: Who won the Irving-Thomas trade?

It seems like everyone is always in a rush to be the first person to pronounce the "winner" of a trade, often nearly before the ink is even dry on the exchange.

ESPN's First Take is doing exactly that (perhaps not too surprisingly given the show's name), which I take issue with given how many factors are at play. To wit, both Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving have health issues that could affect how their tenure with their new teams pans out, the 2018 Brooklyn first-round draft pick could be anywhere from first to tenth, and the season has yet to even begin to see how each meshes with their new squads.

Granted, I strongly suspect the Boston Celtics are going to come out on top in the long run, but perhaps not as much as some folks think. It might even see IT actually get the Brinks truck backed up by the Cleveland Cavaliers should LeBron James leave (and he will) - something I have long thought the Celts would pass on when it came time to settle up. So, take that with a grain of salt as you watch the video above.

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Image: CavaliersNation
Video: ESPN
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