There are more than a few new faces in Boston

When talking about the Boston Celtics, one thing has been brought up on a regular basis; roster turnover. While it has been one of the major topics of discussion over the last couple months, it hadn't really sunk in until I saw this tweet with the corresponding picture:

How many people in that picture will be playing at the TD Garden on a regular basis come fall? I can tell you the answer right now. The total number of returning players is six: Al Horford, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. Those six players made up three starters, a sixth man and two young players who's minutes could be erratic at times. With the season starting earlier, you can see why people have become rather nervous about the team coming together in time for opening night against the Cleveland Cavaliers . To help release some of that tension here is a very funny picture one of our followers sent us:

If one was to put these pictures side by side, they could find quite a few differences between the photos. With all these fresh faces, people ask who is the most important person to this team. The answer to that question is someone who will not play a minute all year; Brad Stevens. Not only does he have nine new players, but with six rookies he must find a way to teach the NBA game to these players while competing for a Championship. Do I have faith he can do it? Absolutely. Will there be growing pains while the team gels? My answer would be yes.

With all of that said, this is the process we wanted. The young talent, and uncertainty that comes with that talent was the consequence of these high draft picks. It won't be 100 percent smooth, but it will be exciting to watch them grow, while playing on a team that has been built to win now. This is a position that not many teams have found themselves in, and while there may be bumps in the road, this team may be on its way to something special. Buckle in Celtics fans, and get ready to see what these new faces can do.

Photo Credit: Darren McCollester