The wait will soon be over!

We Boston Celtics' fans have been jerked around all summer! First it was Gordon Hayward dismissing reports that he had signed with the Cs on the Fourth of July, and now it's the Cleveland Cavaliers dangling Kyrie Irving in our faces. I don't know how much more I can take. 

But the end is almost here! This offseason of waiting will hopefully be done, once and for all, in less than 36 hours! By ten o'clock tomorrow morning EST, the Celtics and Cavs will have finally come to a settlement on the Kyrie/Isaiah Thomas trade. The two front offices took their time deciding on the matter. One week ago the NBA world was freaking out about one of the biggest trades ever, and it has still yet to have been finalized! 

Will Danny Ainge give up more assets? Will he hold his ground and deny all of this funny business? Will the trade go through at all!? We will have the answers to all of these question soon enough. The time is near! I've already whispered my thoughts into Danny's ear, and I sure hope that he listens.

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