UPDATE: ESPN error causes confusion over the status of Irving-Thomas deal: Report: Cavs no longer seeking additional compensation from Celtics

UPDATE: ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowki evidently had an issue with a graphic on-air, resulting in even more confusion on exactly what is going on with the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas deal. Stay tuned, and maybe someone, somewhere will end this terrible ride.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly no longer seeking additional compensation from the Boston Celtics to complete the deal sending Kyrie Irving to Celts.

Of course, there's little to no official communications from Cleveland on the matter in any capacity, so technically speaking, they can say there never was anything else requested - but whatever you want to call the fiasco unfolding over this past week, it was bullshit, and now appears to be over.

Stay tuned for more information on the deal's (final - we hope) confirmation.

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