Kyrie Irving will wear #11 with Celtics

The Boston Celtics newest member Kyrie Irving will wear number 11 next season.

After being aqcuired in a trade, Irving will change from number two, which he wore in his first six seasons with the Cavaliers organization.

Boston's beloved coach Red Auerbach has number two retired in the rafters, making it untouchable in his honor. Irving will choose number 11, bringing him back to his high school days in New Jersey where he also wore 11 on his jersey.

Irving's days with the Cavaliers wearing number two are gone, and he will start a new chapter in his career wearing green, playing on the parquet.

With Jayson Tatum changing his number to 0, perhaps Irving and Jaylen Brown will revive the nickname 7/11 and get buckets 24/7.

Photo Credit: Boston Celtics