Isaiah Thomas is ready to go

More great news on Isaiah Thomas this weekend.

In an article with the Boston Herald's Stephen Hewitt, Thomas was quoted saying his hip felt great and he should be back for training camp next month:

"That’s the plan, yeah," he said. 'I should be ready by camp, but I’m getting back in the gym shooting and being able to work out in the weight room and get my cardio back, because I’ve been down for two and a half months since the season ended. It’s getting there though. This week has been great progress for me.'

When the Boston Celtics star went down after Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, it was not known whether he would need surgery or not. At his size, and with durability already being a question, it has to ease fans' minds to hear about the progress he is making. Like it or not, this team goes as Isaiah goes, and they need him at peak performance when the season starts.

We all know this is a contract year for the point guard, and his ability to stay healthy and on the court will dictate what kind of money he will get in the offseason. If he really wants a max contract, which he has talked about, he will need to prove to everyone that he can stay on the court. As of a week ago, it looked as if Isaiah has been getting more and more work in on the court:

Isaiah rushing back does no one any good. An injured Thomas hurts the Celtics and his contract aspirations. While it will be great to have him back on the court come training camp, one would have to believe that the Celtics will be extra careful with their All-Star. With so many new players to integrate into the team it is vital to have everyone at full-speed when it comes to the opening game of the season.

On the other hand, if Thomas is not ready for the start of the season, that isn't the end of the world. I would rather have a healthy Isaiah in April, then a hobbled point guard in October. What do you guys think? Is Isaiah coming back too soon? Thanks for reading!

Photo Credit: Matt West