Internet tough guy Lonzo Ball cyber bullied NBA2K

Atlanta Hawks 1st-round pick (19th overall) John Collins celebrated the release of his NBA 2K18 rating by sharing the card the good folks at 2K Sports posted on social media, which included an image of him posterizing former Lakers first-rounder Brandon Ingram in the upcoming game:

It seems the image hit a nerve with Ingram, who responded shortly after the image was shared:

In all fairness he's probably right. I doubt you'll find Ingram playing defense that close to the bucket in front of someone driving the lane as he's generally more of a matador style defender.

His new buddy Lonzo Ball didn't take to well to the news either, posting an ultimatum to the NBA's top video game developers:

Sadly enough the good folks at 2K18 responded with an olive branch of sorts, posting Ingram's player rating card dunking on Collins:

When real life NBA tough guy Charles Oakley heard that Ball successfully bullied a video game because he didn't like a picture they shared on social media he had to be restrained.


Very sad. NBA Jam would've never gave in to those demands.

Photo Credit - Marcus Smith/ESPN

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