Gerald Green is driving around Houston trying to help save people

While the devastating floods caused by Hurricane Harvey continue to ravage parts of Texas, relief efforts have come from people from all over. Former Celtic, and Houston native, Gerald Green has been doing his best to help in the efforts, using his raised up truck help transport people from flooded areas to higher ground.

Earlier today, he made a plea on his Instagram account for someone with a boat to contact him so they could help people stuck in some specific areas where his truck couldn't reach:

***Liberal use of various curse words in his plea for help.
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“Anybody in Houston got a boat, I don’t care what it is. Get at me. I’m trying to help out people in Houston, dawg.”

Green pleas for people to get off the roads as they are not safe, and for those who are in a position to help to do so. It's a scary situation down there now and for the foreseeable future, but if there's any positive taken at all from a disaster like this it helps restore your faith in humanity when you see people from all walks of life stringing together to help the people who need it. It's a proud moment for Celtics fans when you see one of our guys out their doing what he can to save lives and help those in duress.

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