CLPod 031.6: A deeper dive into the Irving-Thomas trade

When many of us first heard the news, we were neck deep in basketball hibernation - grilling, swimming, visiting loved ones - whatever it is people do when the parquet floor is getting resurfaced in the latter months of summer.

And while a few of you had floated the possibility of trading Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, only a handful really thought such a deal might go down. Throw in the inclusion of not just Isaiah Thomas but also Jae Crowder (and his amazing contract) plus the 2018 Brooklyn Nets first-round draft pick, and there's probably not a soul who saw it coming. Naturally, the complex and unexpected nature of the deal made it a tough one to assess from both an emotional and strategic point of view, leaving Justin Quinn at a loss for words the night it all went down.

Topher Lane and Josh Coyne teamed up to talk a little more in-depth about the blockbuster move, its long- and short- term implications for both teams, and Topher's culpability in all of this (hint: it has to do with who's jersey he's been buying - can one of you PLEASE get this guy 29 Anthony Davis jerseys, none from the same team or from Boston? Thanks in advance). So buckle up, listen to the pod, then tell us how you really feel.

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