Boston Celtics weigh the option of resigning Isaiah Thomas to a max contract

Isaiah Thomas wants to stay a Bolton Celtic on a max contract and the question is whether or not the club should accept. Isaiah is an important asset on the offensive side of the game. Being a veteran for six years, Thomas has established himself as an excellent point guard. So good was he that he averaged 9.8 points in the fourth quarter leading to the fourth quarter being dubbed I.T time. This has been reflected by the fourth quarter Boston Celtics’ online betting odds for basketball.

Thomas rose to superstardom in a flash. He is arguably one of the best players the NBA has to offer. He was ranked the third best player in the NBA last season. He, hence, wants to get paid his worth in talent. Thomas himself believes that he is completely deserving of a max contract. He says his numbers are equivalent to those of other top players in the NBA and that he has worked hard. He also says that his efforts have contributed significantly to the success of the club.

Isaiah Thomas has made sure that Danny Ainge the general manager of Celtics fully understands his demands. He reiterated that he and the GM of the Celtics organization have a positive relationship and they understand that his work is deserving of a max contract. He, however, says that at the end of the day it is all business so he has to take care of himself just as the business will care for itself.

In the NBA, all that matters is what your achievements were in the most recent seasons. This was highlighted in 2012 when Jeremy Lin catapulted from nowhere to beat Kobe Bryant and his team by scoring 38 points. The madness that ensued from Madison Square Garden was dubbed Linsanity. It was so short lived after his fall that few know what team Lin plays for currently. Thomas has had a great career in the prior season which is what brought him into the limelight with some of the game’s elite. However, his career prior to last season has also been great. For example the 20.3 point average that he pulled off in the 2013-2014 season. The management is hoping that he can maintain the good run that he has had in the previous season because if he doesn’t then his age might become an issue.

Even NBA hall of fame elites have all been caught up by age. For a player like Thomas, speed is his main asset. His short burst of speed and shots from outside the perimeter are what make him hard to defend. He is turning 29 next year meaning he will be 30 in 2019. 30 is generally the age they all slow down. However, the Celtics have to play him next season as he is their main asset. So even if it means offering him a 200 million supermax contract, the general manager might have to do it to keep him on the team. Danny Ainge might prefer to give him a max contract in favor of letting him go to seek it elsewhere.