Video: Is Boston's roster set - or are they preparing for a big trade?

Now that it seems the Boston Celtics are ready to sign Jabari Bird with their last remaining two-way roster slot, it looks like the team is done making moves.

As we have discussed in other articles, the fact that the Celtics have more guaranteed deals than available roster slots means at least one of those faces will be playing elsewhere next season, though whether that comes through trades or a player being waived remains to be seen.

My money is on the Celts trying to upgrade their rotation through combining a couple of smaller deals, but not everyone is taking such a measured view. CSNNE's Ian Thomsen believes there's a method to this madness, and that the real plan here is to strike when an impact player comes available in a trade; you'll have to watch the video to hear the reasoning for his point of view, however.

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Image, video: CSNNE
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