Today in Celtics history: Frank Ramsey born

Today, July 13th is the 86th birthday of former Boston Celtics wing Frank Ramsey.

Ramsey, who played for the Celts all nine seasons of his NBA career (averaging 13.4 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists per game with the club), played his college ball with the University of Kentucky, part of the team (but not the scandal) to receive the "death penalty" by the NCAA for point-shaving in 1952, just a year after winning the collegiate national championship.

Ramsey, along with two other teammates (Cliff Hagan and Lou Tsioropoulos), were drafted by the Celtics after their senior season in the 1953 NBA Draft, and Ramsey played a single season before taking a break over the 1954-55 season to serve in the US Military. He then returned, and won the first of seven championships in the 1956-57 season (the other six coming consecutively between 1959 and 1964).

Red Auerbach had hopes Ramsey would replace him as coach after retiring in 1966, but Frank's father was in poor health, and, needing Ramsey's aid, prevented him from taking the position. Ramsey would go on to coach briefly in the American Basketball Association for the Kentucky Colonels in the 1970-71 season, leading them to a playoff ABA Finals defeat by the Utah Stars (coached by former Celtics teammate Bill Sharman), only to be replaced by Joe Mullaney the following season.

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