Report: Gordon Hayward to sleep on his decision

The most sought out free agent of the summer. Gordon Hayward reportedly will need a good nights rest before making his decision on whether to stay in Salt Lake City with the Jazz or to jump ship to Miami or Boston:

According to reports, Hayward and the Jazz had a three and half hour long meeting today in San Diego where Hayward resides for the summer.

The fact that Hayward has to get a solid snooze in before making his next choice could be good news for the Celtics. If Hayward was sold on staying in Utah it would make sense for him to make an announcement at the conclusion of his meeting with Coach Quin Snyder and company.

July 4th will mark the one-year anniversary of Kevin Durant decision to take his talents to the Warriors, leaving the Celts at the alter.

Will July 4th, 2017 work out better than July 6th, 2016 did for the Celtics' faithful?

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Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Staff