Ray Allen gets into it with Celtics fans on Instagram

Ray Allen and fans of the Boston Celtics have reached new lows with one another.

On the man's birthday, more than a few angry Celtics fans let it be known they still weren't over him leaving the team to chase rings with the Miami Heat in 2012, leaving all sorts of expletive-laced comments on social media regarding the exit, including Instagram. Allen decided to respond to some of the comments, saying things like (per USA TODAY's AJ Neuharth-Keusch):

"Y'all need to get over it!!! Where were you all when the team tried to trade me. It's a business, we go where it's necessary just like you all do in your jobs!!!! I will always be a Celtic no matter what any of you say. Get over it!!!!"

On one hand, the man has a point. But on another level, as has been discussed by Paul Pierce and the rest of his former teammates, much of the existing beef arose from how he left, rather than that he left. I personally think that beef still would have happened no matter what, but as much as I support players playing where they like, I also believe we all owe our co-workers a general heads-up when our employment choices significantly impact their employment choices, and in any job where there's a high degree of reliance, impact, and inter-dependence, it's good form to make sure those people who were there to support you in your work get a certain level of respect which appears to have been lacking with Allen.

Note I am not including Danny Ainge and the rest of the front office in this situation, as they do not deserve loyalty from a player they dangled repeatedly. But I am disappointed Allen and the rest of the Banner 17 Celts have not managed to parlay the olive branch laid out by Pierce. I don't expect the wounds to ever heal entirely, but I am nonplussed Allen has not reciprocated. That said, his jersey is going to be worn by Gordon Hayward - signaling it will not be retired - and the Celtics, who wish birthdays to benchwarmers from 1957, were conspicuously quiet on the 20th, so it seems I'm not the only person who feels disappointed (again) by Allen.

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