LeBron is not happy; is this his last season with the Cavs? (+ videos)

It's no secret the Cleveland Cavaliers are in turmoil.

After failing to make much of a splash in the NBA Finals against the Kevin Durant-era Golden State Warriors, the team is threatening to land in the repeater tax, which may see the team reach or even pass the astronomical $197 million dollar payroll (after the luxury tax) set by the Brooklyn Nets in 2013-14. Many have questioned whether owner Dan Gilbert would pay such lofty fees with no clear indication it will net a return. For those scoffing at the idea, keep in mind this team reportedly lost $40 million the season prior due to luxury tax when they won the title versus the Warriors - and had a fair amount of luck helping them out, too.

This is not to say Gilbert should be defended for seemingly pulling the plug on the Cavs, who has done just enough to be able to pretend to be trying to assemble a contender - but firing one of the better General Managers in the league as they were on the cusp of bringing Jimmy Butler to Cleveland (along with an insane long-term tax bill) and then going weeks without a general manager or any attempt to actually sign one (aside from lowballing Chauncey Billups, who is both unqualified and smart enough to know how much a human meat-shield deserves) tells a very different story, indeed.

What is almost certainly going on is competing PR spin in preparation for an imminent divorce. Both sides - Lebron and Gilbert - are acutely aware of how the last parting between the pair, and while for LeBron's part, who actually is willing to give it the proverbial college try, neither side are under the illusion that anything but luck will get them past the Dubs, and certainly nobody is foolish enough to try such a thing three straight years or more - not even people worth $6 billion dollars.

So, while the Cavs may yet field a functionally formidable roster this season, enjoy it while it lasts - or considering my audience and inclinations, get ready to enjoy the schadenfreude - as Mr. James almost certainly takes his talents elsewhere next summer.

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