Kyrie Irving requests trade from Cavs, LeBron James "blindsided"

Things aren't looking so hot in Cleveland this summer. They still have no GM, LeBron is frustrated and possibly leaving next Summer and now their other star wants out. Not only does Kyrie want out, but apparently LeBron is the reason as Irving wants to be the man and has grown tired of playing second fiddle to LeBron.

Not a great look for Irving. I mean I'm sure he can go to some loser team like the Nets or Kings and be the man, but then he'd complain about not winning. Rarely can you have both.

Dan Gilbert appears to have really messed up in nickel and diming David Griffin and things have been snowballing downhill since then. If LeBron was already inching out the door before this report, he's likely one foot outside now.

Some more tweets coming out on Kyrie's reasoning and preferred landing spots: