In the Pierce-Jennings beef, Pierce may have gotten the last laugh

It's no secret there's been a lack of love between Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce and Brandon Jennings recently.

While the roots of their mutual distaste may run deeper, the current squabble dates back to Jennings taking a shot at Pierce on Twitter after he announced his retirement, saying "1 ring doesn't mean you should get a farewell tour.".

Appearing on ESPN's "The Jump" a short time later, Pierce suggested Jennings shouldn't even be in the league anymore after his poor showing in the 2017 NBA Playoffs:

Lo and behold, exiting the league is exactly what happened for Jennings this week, as he announced he'll be signing a $1.5 million-dollar deal to play overseas in China next season. Of course, Pierce could have let it lie, but decided to twist the knife one more time for good measure.

Personally, I think this is mostly theater on Pierce's part - I don't really think he cares very much about what Brandon Jennings thinks about his legacy - I just think he doesn't like losing trash talk in any venue.

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