How Does Gordon Hayward Change The Odds?

Without question, the addition of the all-star small forward certainly gives the Celtics a boost in the right direction, but will it be enough to challenge LeBron and Co? Well, that much can’t be answered just yet, but it certainly fills a few holes. Sadly, a familiar face and fan favorite is going to have to take the fall to shore up room for Hayward. It’s looking likely that Jae Crowder could be on the move, but he may not be alone.

While Crowder is the likely option, because he and Hayward occupy the same position, his cap hit won’t clear up quite enough space. So the likely options are either Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley or all three. It’s been reported by numerous sources that the Celts and Jazz may work out a sign and trade situation for Hayward, but Boston GM Danny Ainge is likely going to shop the market first for a better fit. Between the three potential trade prospects, there could be a huge return waiting in the wings, so why dump the talent for a player that’s going to be a Celtic either way?

Now, should the team pull of a massive deal before signing Hayward, the odds may shift a bit. For now, though, the Celtics betting futures are shifting in the right direction. NBA odds at have Boston listed as +1,200 contenders, which is a nice jump from +1,500 just one week ago.

These odds also don’t include the impact of third overall selection Jayson Tatum. Tatum should provide the perfect backup spark behind Hayward or alongside him at the two-spot if Bradley and Smart are dealt.

Regardless of the fit, the Celtics offseason has been one to remember. They’ve gone from conference final underdogs to championship contenders in just over a month. With anchor guard Isaiah Thomas entering the final year of his contract, you know the Celts will go all in in 2017-18, so it’s definitely a safe time to raise the expectation level in Beantown.