Hayward's wife has to remove comments from Instagram due to pathetic fan threats

Well this is rather disturbing. Right after Gordon posted his Players Tribune piece thanking Utah and announcing he was going to Boston, his wife posted a nice message on her Instagram, which ended with a heart.

Apparently fans who didn't get the decision they liked, decided the best way to voice their displeasure was to be assholes to the player's family. Pathetic. Don't know if it was Heat fans or Jazz fans, but I do know that Heat fans had previously been bombarding every pic she takes with her on the beach with dozens of comments about how Gordon will be picking Miami. There was one Heat fan the other day bombarding our mentions on Twitter with every Robyn Hayward bikini and beach pic. Again pathetic.

Not sure when it happened tonight as I was out watching the (literal) fireworks, but at some point Mrs. Hayward got fed up with the disrespectful comments and threats (Seriously people, threats? You're threatening a player's wife because you're salty he didn't go to your team?) and added to her original message, as well as disabled comments.

Also, as for all the mean comments and threats. Don't forget athletes are humans too. Treat others how you would like to be treated. It would never cross my mind to speak so negatively and so full of hate about oneself or their family.

Everyone on social media could and should behave better. Everyone! But if you reply want to be a jerk, lay off players' families at least. Try not to be a jerk though. It's really not that hard.