Gordon Hayward is in Boston

Thanks to one of our readers John for sending us this pic. And so it begins. Celtics will be officially meeting with Hayward tomorrow. The timing works out tremendously as Summer League begins in Utah on Monday. You know the same day when Hayward is meeting with the Jazz. "Hey want to catch a Lyft to the airport Gordon?" "Wow what a coincidence we're on the same flight!" So many options for Brad and Danny. Or as we tweeted earlier on Saturday a great opportunity for Brad to ask Gordon to have dinner with in Utah after that Monday meeting. Recruit now and then try to be the last voice he hears before Hayward announces his decision (likely Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday).

I like that Hayward isn't spending the night in South Beach. Good sign for the C's. Definitely still a keep your fingers crossed thing. We'll keep you updated.

p.s. Hayward's looking pretty jacked at Logan.

Another pic tweeted to us: