Avery Bradley is officially a Piston now (+ video)

It's official - Avery Bradley is a Detroit Piston now.

He has officially been introduced by Stan Van Gundy and company in the video above, and Van Gundy had plenty of praise for the longtime Boston Celtic. Said Van Gundy at the presser:

"We wanted to add as much character as we possibly could. We wanted to add three-point shooting, and we wanted to get more people on the floor who can handle the ball and make plays. Avery's been one of the best two-way guards in the league, First Team All-Defense in 2016. A guy who has shot the ball and scored the ball very well on top of that. I think the other thing you notice when you're looking at Avery's career is that he's been at this for seven years, and he's gotten better every single year".

We know, Stan. We know. Rub it in, why don't you?

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Image, video: Detroit Pistons
Data: Basketball-reference.com
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