Danny Ainge's son says he hopes Gordon Hayward stays in Utah

Danny Ainge's son wants Gordon Hayward to rebuff the Celtics advances this summer and remain in Utah with the Jazz. No not Austin Ainge, The Celtics Director of Player Personnel, but 33 year old, Tanner Ainge, who's running for a seat in congress in Utah. (Gotcha! Actually probably not, but maybe?)

Social media came alive after Tanner Ainge, a Republican, jumped into the race to replace Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, quickly tying his candidacy to the drama over whether Hayward stays or goes. Some fans want him to ask his dad to back off the popular Jazz player.

"Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have a lot of influence there," Ainge said in a brief interview after appearing Tuesday on KSL Newsradio's "The Doug Wright Show." "Ultimately, Gordon is going to make the decision. I hope he stays."

As a big sports fan, Ainge said he understands the Twitter chatter but prefers it not be the topic of conversation. It's a fun thing that people want to talk about, but voters are focused on getting the country back on track, fiscal responsibility and growing the economy, he said.

Would Utah voters really hold it against the younger Ainge if Hayward bolts for Boston?

"I have no idea," Ainge said.

I wouldn't want Utah voters to hold Danny's pursuit and hopefully success in bringing Gordon Hayward to Boston, against Tanner. Luckily the election isn't until November, so any fan free agent hard feelings should have died down. Right now things are hot though. Did you catch what happened on Saturday when Danny retweeted Tanner's tweet promoting his campaign?

Check out just a sampling of the replies to Tanner's tweet after Danny retweeted it:

I know Celtics fans were having fun with the whole Markelle Fultz thing, mentioning him whenever the Celtics Twitter account would mention any other prospect, but after the news of the possible trade came out, it went nuclear. Like hide your kids, hide your wife territory if you were a Celtics official account tweeting anything. Then Danny comes along with this innocent retweet and the above hilarity ensued. Oh Twitter.