Could Russell Westbrook be a trade option for the Celtics?

As crazy as it sounds considering he just won the MVP, it's about to be decision time for Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder. If Russell turns down an extension this summer, the writing could likely be on the wall that he's leaving next summer.

If Westbrook doesn't commit, Presti must go to the marketplace. That doesn't mean a trade is automatic, either now or by the February trade deadline. But it means Presti has to investigate. Would Boston, with all kinds of assets, be willing to send Isaiah Thomas and that Brooklyn first-round pick and another quality player from that well-stocked Celtic stable? Would some other franchise at least give the Thunder a kickstart on a rebuild that absolutely would be coming if Westbrook leaves?

I don't know. But Presti would be duty-bound to find out. The Thunder couldn't afford to lose two all-century type talents in the span of 25 months without any return.

Now this is an Oklahoma City columnist's trade idea, but as much as I like Isaiah, Westbrook would still be quite an upgrade as the Celtics lead guy moving forward. A trade is very unlikely to happen this summer, but it's something to keep an eye out on come the NBA trade deadline next winter.

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