Bill Simmons discusses on his latest podcast whether the Celtics should trade Isaiah Thomas

Bill Simmons discusses the trade speculation surrounding the Celtics star point guard Isaiah Thomas with fellow The Ringer writer Kevin O'Connor.

Some Simmons stuff:

I’m a 10 out of 10 for this being a story everybody is talking about. I’m a 2 out of 10 for there being any truth to it, and here’s why: He’s not healthy. That hip injury he has is a real injury, and we haven’t really gotten a lot of information about it since it happened. It seems like he got hurt in mid-March, and then he made it worse during the playoffs. Maybe even two different times. It’s a hip injury, which makes me nervous. There’s a checkered history with this injury. Some people have come back and come back 100 percent; other people haven’t. Like Jonny Flynn, it ended his career, basically. So it makes me think it’s just hard to trade somebody who is probably going to have to go under the knife. Whether it’s like a major surgery or an arthroscopic surgery and it’s six weeks and he’s fine? I don’t know. But it seems to be more likely that this trade would happen in February if it was ever going to happen.

Simmons also proposes an intriguing Thomas trade:

Why can’t it be for another good player? Why couldn’t it be, say, Isaiah and Jae Crowder for Jimmy Butler?

Personally I'm not worried at all about IT4 fitting well with Fultz. My main concerns with Thomas is the players we'd have to let go of to afford to give him a max contract for his age 30+ seasons. If he wasn't also such an atrocious defender, it would be a no brainer to keep him and give him the max. Regardless it would be tough to see Thomas traded, but for Butler? I'd be content with that return.