60 years since Banner #1, the Finals don't feel right without the Cs

Sure, it was a pretty good year for the Boston Celtics, I'll grant you that.

But as far as truly "good" years, well - 17 of the preceding years have resulted in banners, and 21 of them had Boston in the running. Only one other team - our nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers - have had more, and with a .545 record to the Celtics .810, it's safe to say that if the NBA Finals belong to any team, it's the Celts.

So, try not to get too down on not getting past the Cleveland Cavaliers, who will need nearly as many appearances as Boston has titles just to tie the Celtics' record. Take solace that the Golden State Warriors, currently in third place for Finals appearances, will need to roughly double their current tally to match Boston. And most of all, be content in the knowledge that with so many tools at their disposal next season and beyond, Boston's next finals appearance is coming - soon.

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Photo via @NBATV
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