The NBA has suspended Kelly Oubre for game 4

In a surprise to no one the NBA has suspended Wizards forward Kelly Oubre for game 4 on Sunday for his retaliation to a hard screen from Kelly Olynyk:

If you live under a rock or have been out at sea since Thursday this is the move from Oubre that warranted both an ejection from game 3 and the aforementioned suspension for tomorrow's matchup:

While the thin Washington bench would probably prefer to have all of their options available perhaps losing Oubre for another game isn't the biggest blow:

Oubre, known for his size and defensive prowess, isn't the biggest threat on the offensive end and the Celtics have been able to hide Isaiah Thomas on the defensive end for most of this series by putting him on Oubre when he's on the floor. Obviously coach Brad Stevens will have to find another way to mask IT's defensive liability for stretches tomorrow against a potent Washington offense with no Oubre in the lineup as we saw him struggle mightily against Otto Porter in game 3.

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