Green Envy: What Wizards fans said, 5/2

What. A. Game.

We just witnessed an All-Time great playoff performance, something truly special. Isaiah Thomas and company stepped up and took the Washington Wizards best punch - and behind John Wall's herculean effort, it was a helluva punch - and won the game. You would think that alone would be enough to gloat about, but if not, here's a little commentary from the enemy camp to keep you sated - enjoy!


Too funny Boston sorry the Wiz is a better series tbe Cavs sweep the celtics or win 4-1

THE WIZARDS TAKE GAME 2......jOHN WALL AND BEAL realizes they have to pass more....and they need better bench play...I EXPECT THE WIZARDS TO BRING THEIR DEFENSIVE INTENSITY AND TIE THE SERIES AT 1-1..

 F.uck all yall! Lets GO WIZ!-(with all due respect2 I.T.situation) it's all ball-on court we can be friends later. Dig deep Celtics, Dig deeper Wiz-Dc got our eyes on a Championship this year-F everything else! May da be$t baller$ win

I don't care if Isaiah drops 40 but limit the drive-and-kick. That should be the main goal

The game changed when Horford "accidently" didn't give Morris space.

That announcer must be on some very strong LSD smh. Horford? "One of the most complete centers and a solid rebounder.."

We are not going to win on the road twice this series...just need 1 though and to hold serve
Best chances for that win is this game and game 7 so here’s to leaving Boston tonight with a W

Thomas is a one man show on O

Yoo Thomas has 2 fouls already.

fuck off Horford

Motivated Keef is a Baddd Bad Man

go ahead and cook Keef!

Beautiful by Morris.
Guess that ankle is feeling okay. We’re winning this game.


Obvious call, troglodytes!

Looks like last game
Except Boston making shots early

Good start. but please make IT play defense now.
Oubre has to crash the glass if we can’t switch Wall or Beal onto IT…

Gortat needs to finish inside. He can’t miss bunnies (missed 3 layups last game). Morris looks fine. Need to get Beal/Otto involved. defense looking better. make them beat us with 2’s…

I know KO is not a threat, but they HAVE to make whoever IT is guarding run off screens… this is fucking basic basketball…

fuck olynyk's dumbass

Can we bring Ochefu in just to punch Olynyk in the face?
Fuck that dude to the moon and back.

i gave Horford the benefit of the doubt because he was legit closing out
Olynk changed direction to undercut wall. i dont see any reason momentum wise he went that direction

it has been 6 quarters and counting that the Wizards have recieved no contribution from its rotation guards. GO deeper in your bench Scott Brooks

It's amazing how many times you see guys settle for a jumpshot on a buzzer beater just because it looks "cooler" if it actually goes in. Washington has been in the bonus since like the 8:00 minutes mark of the 4th yet still refuses to drive.

Two horrific plays in a row by Gortat.
Dude is absolutely infuriating sometimes.

Poor Celtic fans they are in for such a disappointment they will either lose to Washington or get whipped bad by the Cavs.

Dont nobody get their shot blocked more than Oubre smh

Looks like IT gone get SuperStar calls all night

Got we go again.

This bench lineup is putrid
Brooks needs to figure something out or this is looking like a repeat of the game one. We need to creativity now.

This lineup cannot score
Does not play defense and turns the ball over at an alarming rate. At least Sato plays defense. It is like Brooks just figures the starting lineup will figure it out. He needs to stagger the lineups or he will be heading back to DC with that dumbfounded look like he gets. Another lead wasted.

can we make wall lebron and let him play the entire game?

We can't make a damn post layup lol
Blown so many layups

The Smart flop
Why didn’t that happen when Morris backed him down. fucking bullshit

Marcus Smart gets more respect than John Wall.
Just sad.

Ball don’t lie, you dirty ass motherfucker Smart.

boston is going thug mode this quarter and refs aren't protecting the game
wizards need to find a different solution

Brooks has yet to figure out the proper rotations
He loves going with a mostly bench group and then is perplexed when they give up the lead. You think he would have learned after 82 regular season games and 7 playoff games.

"wall got shoved out of the way...."
nice way of saying boston is playing physical with no calls because the refs are scared of hearing their crowd boo


Refs called "that" many fouls on the Wizards in first 3 minutes? Really? No no, definitely Vegas, I have eyes.

Crowder did get blocked, they bailed him out. Oubre also did not really pick up his 2nd foul either. The game is on Overtime too all close up angles. Nice try NBA.

Jae Crowder literally didn't get touched and they called a foul. Insane. How do people not realize how fixed this stuff is?! The Jazz had two big men foul out and Jordan has 3 against him. Terrible all across the NBA. Corruption at its finest.

OmG kill me now smh.

Looking like game 1
With our injuries it is tough to say that we are the better team. Boston is tougher and more resilient. We spend time bitching to the refs while the Cs are moving the ball well and drilling 3s. These guys need to wake up and steal this one.

Boston is trying to injure our players
And they may have cost Otto a lot of money

This quarter... please don't shit the bed guys

I hate the Celtics so much

IT fucking jumped into him

We get a 10 point lead and our IQ goes out the arena come on yall

Can SOMEONE help John please?

Jennings is done
No offense, no defense, fouls, turnovers. Sato or Burke need to get some burn. I wonder what Brooks is thinking.

I hate IT !!! Like dammmmn

Jaylen Brown been holding since he has came into the game.

This series is rigged
You can’t honestly tell me Horford doesn’t do exactly, if not more, what Gortat does on screens


Its funny how the Wizards opponents for this round are toothless (e.g. Isaiah Thomas).

As opposed to their opponents in the previous round who were completely spineless (e.g. Howard, and well actually the rest of the Hawks for that matter)


Don't mean to be negative, but...
that may have done it. Too many opportunities to stretch the game that were blown, either by the Wiz themselves or the refs. Can’t allow teams to stay in the game when you’re playing on the road. sigh.

If the wiz had a rim protector and strong rebounder, they would have won both games. too weak at the center position, no knock on Gortat but he is exhausted been holden the fort down all year with no help

The wizards put house money Ian Mahini to be rebounder and rim protector and turns out to be a bust for 64 mil.. While NE NE balling in Houston on 1 mill a year.

You have to give it to Stevens
He gets plenty out of these players. When they leave they don’t do shit. Look at the guys that contributed last season who left the Cs and they were irrelevant this season.

This team is an absolute joke.
100% deserve to get swept, which looks like where we’re headed. Just depressing that a class act superstar like John Wall has to spend his career shackled to these chucklefucks.

Lol Scott Brooks is cursed again with two great players that can't play together / don't like each other

Wiz blew this one. I think they'll still win this in 7 games...

100% agree. Wiz got this series in 6, maybe 7. NBA shuld want Wiz bc if celts go up against Cavs it's a clean sweep.

This series is over.
It will go 7 (that’s the way the NBA wants it) but Boston will win. It has been decreed from the highest level. Fuck this corrupt league.

Beal couldn't find his shot tonight. Wall played unbelievable, but the other guys got to step up.

I hate myself now

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