Green Envy: What Wizards fans said - 5/15/17 - Game 7

Nothing could make me happier right now than to present you with the Green Envy after the Celtics just knocked off the Wizards in game 7. I've said it before, but there is no fan base that I enjoy relishing in their defeat more than those Washington fans. I haven't even looked at the threads yet and I can already tell you they are going to blame the officials (despite getting more calls), crush John Wall after they couldn't get off his nuts after game 6, and I know for a fact they are going to be disgusted that it was good ole Kelly Olynyk that twisted the knife into them in the 4th quarter. Without further ado...

Top Three:

Jesus, Olynyk. Thomas would be one thing. This is just depressing.

If Oubre's not gonna play, can we bring him off the bench to deck Olynyk again?

And of course Boston will win the lottery and get the #1 pick tomorrow

Olynyk goes off:

Im just mad we lost to Kelly Olynyk like damn smh

Olynyk destroying us

Kelly Olynyk killed our season (and of course our shitty big defense). Let that sink in

..... Kelly fucking Olynyk everyone. THAT WAS THE WIZARD KILLER

Not IT,not Avery Bradley,not Horford..Kelly Olynyk lmao

Olynyk had one 20 point game in the regular season, 26 vs. Atlanta

Olynyk = Bird

1st Half:

Been waiting 70 hours for this. Let's get this W
38 years for some of us!

NBA is fixed. Lets blow them out so they can't change the ending

Wall looking ferocious so far

So Beal wasn't fouled, and Thomas didn't just travel before passing to Bradley???? Is this how it's gonna go?
Yep, it's been 8 on 5 in every game up there

If Gortat aint wide tf open dont give him the ball

Boy IT must be related to a ref

i don't want to know what the 3P% would look like without Morris this series
Uglier than Kelly Olynyk's face

at least two-thirds of Wall's assists are works of friggin' art

going with the "hope-they-miss" defense.

Haha! Have that Olynyk you #@$#@$#@$#@$

Game 7 and Wall's still giving up backdoor cuts to Bradley. That's not good
He is hardly looking at Bradley, he just saying here you go have a layup

Man Mahinmi, we wanted you back but bruh your trash right now
Olynyk been turning him into BBQ chicken all season

Stupid defense, sub par offense. Down 4.
I'd feel good about that if the Celtics hadn't missed so many open 3s

that's enough of jennings. get him out.

Im getting mad at scott brooks now like he aint this stupid
He just going to let Olynyk score 30 on Ian, who cares ***this guy nailed it early***

Mahinmi is UNPLAYABLE. WHAT THE FUCK IS BROOKS LOOKING AT??????!?!?!!?!??!?!!?!!?!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!!?!?!?!

Brooks is sabotaging us right now.

Celtics Fans Might Influence Refs. Fans screaming Bull S*** after every call
Might want to look at the number of fouls called for each team

OMG he's still out there

Why the HELL is Mahinmi still in?

Guess Mahinmi's just gonna chill on the court until we go down 20.

When Wall plays heavy minutes in the first half he’s noticeably gassed by the time the 4th comes.

Bogs still on the floor and no looks, Jennings still out there throwing the ball out of bounds

Mahinmi and Jennings - Trash Brothers

I would rather lose with our tired starters than see Jennings or Mahinmi

IT with the huge carry
Literally carried the ball like a waiter carries food to a table

bruh, did Otto just hit the dream shake on Thomas?

Despite all the dumbass mistakes the Wizards have made and continue to make, it's close.

there's smart's one good play of the series

Smart fucking tackled Porter.


Most blatant stanning for one team on national broadcast I've ever seen.


2nd Half:

Go Wiz! Take out the evil empire!

AB is such a little jersey grabbing shit

no foul call on the shorts pull... they waited for the second and third foul before blowing the whistle...

The Boston crowd is stunned. So quiet!

hell IT is sitting down and the Celtics are making up ground

Gortat: 0-3, 0 points, 4 turnovers
Worse than Mahinmi somehow
But did you know he has a pet giraffe? Thats got to count for something amirite?

Marcus Blart can get away with mugging out there

Beal has been awesome. Too bad Gortat has been a fucking trainwreck on both ends

how many times is Boston going to play House of Pain and Markie Mark

Not a good quarter from Wall

Wall's missed his last 7
still shooting though (smh)

Brad Stevens outclassing Scott Brooks in this one for sure
He's an infinitely better coach. Brooks isn’t awful, but Stevens is in another league.

If we go down by double digits it's over. Man I hate Boston

IT getting warmed up for the 4th quarter and all that does is trick wall into trying to play the same game 0/3 on 3s last 90secs of the quarter

Of course Crowder flexes. Wouldn’t expect anything less from him

Welp - guess it's time to think about who we're picking in the 2nd round

13 with 10 to go, yeah, we're done here

I hate Boston but man they’re well coached.

This is not a good season with this talent. Another year of not getting past the 2nd round. Fire Grunfeld

What do we want the coach to do?
I thought the coaching was terrible almost the entire game.
Brooks' best move was calling a timeout when we were down 8-2. After that he lost his brain.


It was a good season, bad ending but whatever man, shits disappointing.
dude we are only down 6!


We have gone on a 24-0 run before against this team. This is nowhere close to being over.

I just have a feeling the Wiz are stringing me along again. The devastation is going to be worse now.

Wall has been terrible.

We had IT on Otto but John wanna be the hero lmao smh


olynyk dominating, lol
wizards killer

johns worst game of the playoffs

If Wall ever wanted to make a shot again, I'd be cool with that

Wall just standing there lol

Wall is on vacation. Done nothing yet he is spent.

Why did Oubre never play?
Because he's been awful all playoffs?

it took 47 min for brooks to go small for once.
he's really slow making adjustments

John 1-8 from three

We’ve got a lot more great basketball to look forward to in the years to come, even if it doesn’t translate into championships.

Basketball. The eternally hopeless sport. Even when things look possible, they fall short.

Video: Celtics/Wizards Game 7 postgame interviews (Olynyk, Thomas, Bradley, Stevens)

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